i am juice was founded on Portobello Road in London. Since the first batch in 2008, i am juice has been made with the finest natural ingredients; tangy, sweet, fragrant fruits and wonderfully aromatic botanicals for the perfect flavour that delivers balance, surprise and joy with every sip. Inspired by extraordinary ingredients, classic combinations and unusual flavours from around the world to blend the familiar with the adventurous.

We source all our ingredients with care to find those that are full of rich, ripe flavours. And we use simple traditional method to blend and capture natural flavours, delicate aromas and nutrients without adding preservatives, sweeteners, colourings or flavourings. 

For a beautifully lingering aftertaste, we do our business responsibly to create ways to improve the quality of life for everyone that’s connected to i am juice.


i am apple, raspberry & rose juice

An exceptional flavour in every way. On the palate this blend is filled with deliciously tangy raspberries and zesty sweet apples while on the nose it exude a heart-stopping, arguably the most delicious rose scent.

One day, when we heard someone had enjoyed 3 bottles of blissful raspberry & rose in one go, we decided to put it on a taste test and sent to Great Taste Awards to see what professional taste buds would feel about it. As a result we received delightful endorsements accompanied by a Great Taste Award in 2013.

This stunning flavour simply shows how wonderful the nature is. So now is the time to stop and smell the roses.

i am apple & elderflower juice

Is there anything more British summer than an elderflower drink? British don’t seem to think so. Our apple & elderflower blend is made in a traditional method from juicy, full-of-flavour apples and alluring, sweet scented English elderflower blossoms that deliver a sweet summer sensation from the very first sip.

This sublime flavour is so multilayered it has hints of peach, pear and lychee yet non of them exactly. You can’t get enough of discovering new notes of aromas in it each time you drink.

i am apple & ginger juice

Our take on the classic apple & ginger flavour; just the right amount of sweetness and tanginess swirls with sensationally fragrant crushed ginger. A perfect mix that there’s no telling where the refreshing fruity flavours end or the spicy ginger aroma begins.

This big blend is so delicious it promises a more positive outlook on life with every sip.

i am cloudy apple juice

Pure and simple, this flavour takes you to a new level of joy. Made to fulfil any fruit juice craving, whether it’s something tangy, sweet, refreshing or rich this blend has it all. They all swirl up to meet you in joyous harmony.

Cloudy apple is an original blend made from sharp, sweet, zesty and fragrant apple varieties to bring wonderful flavours and aromas together, because we believe in the power of diversity.


All flavours are available in 250ml glass bottles.